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Growling Brutality (CAN) issue #5:

Another atmospheric death metal band from the States emerges from the underground. Even with its light sound, the music is superior to a lot of other American bands playing that style. They are incorporating lot of different things in their music like melody (of course), some fastness, some slower moments, very good musicianship, technical music, really deep growls on a serene music, melancholic passages and mainly they bring quality to a scene who needs it (the American scene). The 3rd song with its 'Swedish sounding' is fantastic and some riffs do remind me of At The Gates' 1st CD. Their keyboard parts make the whole music sound symphonic. On the last song, there are some female vocals done by the guitarist. An excellent demo!

  Hellflame (ITA) issue #4:
One of the best demos reviewed in this issue, atmospheric Death Metal at its best. A band that sounds original, compact, in some parts they remind me of the Swedish gods At The Gates for the intricate  guitar parts, in other ones Visceral Evisceration, deep growling vocals and a great sensational              atmosphere. They also played as opening act for bands such as My Dying Bride and Deceased. Full color package, including lyrics and photo. Absolutely don't miss it, get it by sending $5 everywhere.
Vampiria (ITA) issue #2:
This is a great band, indeed! They have a great personality and I'm sure that very soon you'll hear their name into the elite of extreme music. I like a lot their various and atmospheric Techno Death Metal 'cause in these four acts of musical Art, they succeed in creating a great universe of extreme sonorities, with melodious keyboard's harmonies blended to brutal vocals and very amazing Guitar structures. The whole work flows into your mind as the ethereal spirit who makes you fly over the emotions built by this great work. I start the analysis from the title-track, very impressive and magick to arrive to the end of this little jewel through bewitched melodies, aggressive fury and emotional moments where the music becomes Art. The myriad of riffs is really impressing so I want just to add that this tape must be in your collection or you'll lose a great piece of extreme music.

Coroners Report
  (IL) issue #4:
It is this kind of distinctive atmospheric death metal that I truly adore in its entirety. The molding of sinister death grows with majestic melodies and the combination of surreal darkness with harmonic obliteration creates a fierce yet enchanting musical experience. I can see so many different types of metal in this one single band. They seem to integrate every possible style that has ridden upon the steps of the metal kingdom. The flying guitar harmonics and soaring techniques make the band such a powerful and emotional outfit. The songs seem to carry a very personal outlook to them, but not so much as to eradicate the listener's association. The vocals are incredibly coarse and charcolled growls but compliment the atmospheric carnivocity perfectly. If you are searching for an entirely creative and original death metal band, look no further. Highest suggestion.

  Ultima Comparatio (CT) issue #2:
Every once in a while a demo comes along that when you hear it, you just know that the band will do something within their respective choice of music. Thus is certainly the case with this band. The music is very much of the Death Metal nature, basically because of the vocals. The music itself, is a blend of many styles, but the entire tape is filled with melody over brutality. They leave the brutality to the      vocalist, who at first I was not real fond of, but now I have grown to really enjoy, this simply can not be compared to any one band, just pure excellence. 
Moonlight  (CT) issue #2?:
Every indication is that Death metal may soon be on the rise again, and if acts such as this are continuing to arise, Death Metal will be welcomed by yours truly. What we have here is some exceptionally well written melody filled metal with extremely heavy vocals, that at first were a bit too guttural for me, but I have grown to love the combination of them mixed with the very melodious music. I can not    recommend this enough, and I can guarantee this band will be signed by years end. LG Rating 10

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