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Heart of the Corona demo -1997           
Track Listing
1. Heart of the Corona
2. Lovely Cold
3. Company in Solitude
4. Apollonian Realm

Heart of the Corona MCD -1998           
Track Listing
1. Solar Pulse (intro)
2. Heart of the Corona
3. Lovely Cold
4. Company in Solitude
5. Apollonian Realm
6. Shards of the Sphere

Oracle Moon CD - 2000
Track Listing
1. Oracle Moon
2. Citadel of Dreams
3. Into Infinity
4. Dissolution of the Forms
5. Continuum
6. Desert Shadows
7. Twilight Odyssey
















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Mortal Coil Records "Eat the Evidence vol. 2" CD
(features "Lovely Cold" plus tracks from 16 other bands)

Shiver Records "Sometimes Death is Better parts 5,6,7,8, and 9" 5 CD box set
(features "Apollonian Realm plus tracks from 79 other bands!)


















Oracle Moon T-shirts are available from the band
In sizes L and XL for $12 US/$14 world

Heart of the Corona T-shirts are currently sold out.