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10/7/02 – Complete Heart of the Corona MCD on

Due to the number of requests we have had, combined with the fact that the original MCD is long out of print, we have placed the entire Heart of the Corona MCD on our site at!

7/16/02 – New T-shirts are done!

We just had new Oracle Moon T-shirts made. They have a full color front design with a black and white back, and they look great! They are $14 plus $3 shipping. If interested, please email us at and we can give you more info and send you pics.

6/6/02 – First updates in a long time!

Garden of Shadows has a new vocalist. We would like to welcome Zdenka (Forty Days Longing) to the band. We would also like to welcome and thank Ash (Estuary of Calamity, Thorns of the Carrion) and Laurie (Rain Fell Within) who are currently helping us out on bass and keyboards respectively.

For those who know about the summer tour that we were hoping to do with Narsilion (VA) and SplitCycle (VA), we are sorry to inform you that it has been cancelled. We are still hoping to find another way to get out on the road this summer.

10/10/00 - Oracle Moon is finally out. The European release date was August 28th and the US release date was September 19th.













Cover artwork for Oracle Moon is posted in the releases section. The complete  tracklisting goes as follows:
1. Oracle Moon
2. Citadel of Dreams
3. Into Infinity
4. Dissolution of the Forms
5. Continuum
6. Desert Shadows
7. Twilight Odyssey

Upcoming Shows:
November 2nd we will be playing a fest in Cleveland, with some great bands, more details will be up soon!

Past Shows:

June 29th we will be playing at The Gathering metalfest in Raleigh, NC with over 40 bands! For more info check out

August 7th we will be opening for the Nile/Arch Enemy/Hate Eternal/Orgin tour at Jaxx in VA. Show starts at 6:00. The club’s website is