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MCD Reviews Continued

CRUCIFIXOR (Mexico) # 6
X-RATED Records ataca de nuevo ahora con su nueva produccion en CD. GARDEN OF SHADOWS es la nueva banda en esta compañia la cual puso en CD su demo „Heart Of The Corona" mas una nueva cancion de 8 minutos para un total de 40 minutos de este CD. Ahora la reseña de este CD, aqui tu podras encontrar a una de las mejores bandas ya que realmente este material es de coleccion, ya que como dice en el flyer, es "una harmonia balanceada entre la belleza y la brutalidad". Esta banda llenara todos tus sentidos; podras sentir el odio, la tristeza y la soledad durante 40 minutos, podras disfrutar de grandes guitarras y keyboards. Esta banda promete ser una de las mejores del mundo, tienes que comprar este material, son solo N$ 75 (Mexico) - US$ 12 (world). Oh, sorry, se me olvidaba, el estilo de esta banda es atmospheric death metal para mi una de las mejores de este estilo. COMPRALO O MUERE!!!!

After the MCD for WITCH-HUNT, finally a second release from this young but very professional label from Germany. This demo is out now on MCD format (It should be announced as an album - Almost 40 mins.!!) Well... this brutal and melodic Death Metal band from the USA will keep you banging your head all the time you play it loud. What I liked and enjoyed the most is the capability of mixing their power and brutality with those sweet and melodic harmonies.

This is one CD I was really looking forward to listening to, and it lived up to all my expectations. This is what I said about their demo: "Garden Of Shadows play melodic death metal that times sounds like really really fast doom. Loads of keyboards, deep guttural voice that at times changes into drawn out blackish shouts, great drumming and guitars. If you want something to compare it to try Edge of Sanity - "Crimson", but it is faster and more varied than that, and with a very unique identity. It's quite rare for music this fast to have such a doom metal feeling, in that it conveys so much emotion, because for me it has a very positive and happy vibe (and in case anyone is worried, no, that is not "un-heavy metal"). Metal in the true sense of the word." This CD includes the entire demo plus one new track, "Shards of the Sphere", bringing the duration up to 40'. This track is in the same vein as the previous ones, majestic! One of the things that makes this band special is their ability to make the transposition from a "standstill" to insanely fast music in the blink of an eye sound so natural... No further comment. 12$US from X Rated Records (in the news section).

MASTERFUL Webzine (Poland)
There are few bands from the USA that play climatic and heavy death metal. This is one of them. This mini is a compact version of their demo with one track added. It is released by Mexican X-Rated Rec., and it seems that it was a good decision, because the material is a very good piece of music. Their influences surely are "Always" of The Gathering. But G.O.S. does not copy that album but adds something from them. The tracks are quite good and one enjoys listening to it. But the new track is a real pearl! "Shards of the sphere" is over 8-minute mixture of those best elements: mistic climates, melodies, a powerful kick and wonderful vocal parts. Recommended by MM

Sin lugar a dudas la mejor banda que he escuchado en el '98, y quizas la mejor banda que haya surgido a las ultimas fechas en los U.S.A. Originalmente recibi esta grabacion en forma de demo por parte de la banda, pero despues recibi el MCD por parte de X-RATED Records. Los cuales fueron los productores de este excelente Heart Of The Corona, a diferencia del demo este trae dos temas mas, el primero y el ultimo, el sonido de esta banda lleno de fuerza pero rico en melodias y tecnicismo, esto convencera a los escepticos que creen que el death metal tecnico no puede ser melodia y fuerza, soportados por una asombrosa y poderosa voz. Este es un trabajo que todo seguidor de la musica no debe ignorar.

METAL CORE (U.S.A.) # 26
After a fantastic demo this band returns with a 5 track mcd of death/doom metal. Picking off where the demo left off this puts stuff like PARADISE LOST to shame. Track 4 is total amazement as it flows with curves and many bumps as the track flows on. Tasteful keyboard is spread out over the tracks as well. This blows away 98% of those so called atmospheric doom metal bands from across the sea.

SOUNDSCAPE (Canada) # 7
The American GARDEN OF SHADOWS play a brand of atmospheric Death Metal that can't do anything else that remind me of the Greek gods SEPTIC FLESH, from which they certainly got a great deal of influence... Musically, like I said, they play a brand of atmospheric and very melodic Death Metal, full of large grandiose riffing and melodious arrangements, well supported by some well thought and well mixed synthsizers. A few clean accoustic guitars also bring some refinement and colors to the compositions. The playing is pretty skilled too... The drums sound a bit flat and low but are still pretty clean and the drumming is also tight. Nothing too flashy! The vocals are extremely low, low growls, once again very reminescent of SEPTIC FLESH. In fact, I would think that if you enjoy the Greek combo, you will most certainly enjoy this CD! The songs are maybe a little more squarely structured than the more esoteric Greeks, but the stuff flies by with several types of emotions and atmospheres, varying from slower powerfu, epic type of Metal just on the verge of Doom Metal, to a more furious, blasting brutality. There are also a few clean female vocals from guitarist Mary. All in all, I think it is an impressive debut but I would expect they'll settle into a more personal sound and approach on up-coming albums... Recommended!

8 out of 10
This six piece outfit out of Maryland play some very well played melodic death metal that would actually cater to anyone's tastes in the underground would it be death/black/melodic/grindcore etc. The music is a splendid mix of harmonious death with superb inhuman vocals. Alot of you will knock on the incorporation of keyboards and female vocals thrown in here and there, And I've done the same But they weave it in perfectly. GARDEN OF SHADOWS will be a band to watch out for, And if you get the chance pick this up. Actually, Give yourself the chance, You don't want to miss out.